What solutions can be listed on CleverPlato Marketplace?

Any business solution that adds value to organizations,
including software, services, devices, equipment, infrastructure and others.


customer management

Enhance ecommerce customer experience

Enhance online shopping experience by incorporating chatbots for quick and efficient resolution of inquiries. Increase customer satisfaction and drive higher sales by becoming more efficient and responsive.


    CustomGPT: AI chatbots

    CustomGPT.ai focuses on delivering accurate, trusted responses without generating fabricated information. The service emphasizes security, privacy, and ease of integration, supporting over 1400 document formats and 92 languages. CustomGPT.ai caters to various business needs, including customer service, engagement, and document research, through a no-code, business-grade solution.


Project management

Improve project management effectiveness

Automate project management delivery with AI by automating various tasks while increasing team collaboration. Create, plan and organize work effectively while driving project success. Streamline project management processes with the power of AI, enabling efficient task automation and improved team synergy. Strategically plan and organize workflows to maximize project outcomes.


    Notion: AI workspace platform

    Notion is a comprehensive workspace platform that combines note-taking, document management, wikis, and project management into a single, integrated toolkit. It's designed to facilitate collaboration and information centralization, allowing individuals and teams to create, plan, and organize work effectively. Notion supports various content types, including text, tasks, databases, and images, with customizable templates for a wide range of uses.



Boost sales and lead generation

Automate sales and lead generation with AI sales engagement platforms. Scale your multichannel outreach to acquire new customers. Increase quality of engagement and lead conversion. Grow your sales team's capabilities and grow revenue faster. Enhance your sales strategy with cutting-edge AI technologies that streamline lead generation and sales processes. Optimize your outreach across multiple channels to attract new customers effectively.


    Reply: AI sales engagement platform

    Reply.io is a sales engagement platform designed to automate and scale multichannel outreach, helping businesses acquire new customers and grow revenue faster. It features AI-backed multichannel sequences, email deliverability tools, a B2B contact database, meeting scheduling, and full-cycle sales engagement solutions. The platform supports email and social automations, aiming to streamline the sales process from prospect discovery to engagement and execution.



Create engaging business communication

Bring your corporate content to live with AI video generation tools. Creating training videos based on training materials or transforming customer communication into videos for more engagement. By leveraging the power of AI video generation tools you can bring your corporate content to life.


    Synthesia: AI video generation platform

    Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that enables users to create professional-quality videos without the need for cameras, microphones, actors, or studios. It offers features like over 160 AI avatars, voiceovers in 130+ languages, and more than 60 video templates. It's trusted by 50,000+ teams and aims to change the video content creation process, making it scalable and affordable while maintaining high quality.


Online Content and SEO

Improve content creation and SEO

Create a repeatable content creation process that you can manage at scale by applying AI. Research, write and optimize content in the same process to reduce work effort and efficiency.


    Frase: AI SEO and content platform

    Frase.io is a platform aimed at enhancing SEO and content creation through AI. It streamlines the process from keyword research to producing SEO-optimized articles, allowing for faster and more efficient content development. The tool offers features for analyzing search queries, generating research-driven content, and creating content outlines. It also provides a unified workflow for researching, outlining and writing.