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Rytr: AI writing assistant (US$7 to US$25 per month)

Rytr: AI writing assistant (US$7 to US$25 per month)


Rytr: AI writing assistant



Business function

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Focus area(s)

AI writing assistant


Rytr is an AI writing assistant designed to generate original and compelling content across various formats and styles, tailored to sound natural and engaging. It offers over 40 content use cases and templates, aiming to streamline the writing process for copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Rytr provides features for automatic editing, creative writing, marketing content, and more, enabling users to improve content flow, expand ideas, and ensure clarity and uniqueness. The platform supports custom tone creation to match the user's writing style closely and includes a plagiarism check feature to ensure originality. Rytr offers a free tier with limited monthly character generation and paid plans for unlimited use and additional features​


AI Autocomplete Text

  • Use AI to finish sentences/paragraphs, enhancing writing flow and quality.
  • Text Editing: Continue Writing
  • The Continue Ryting feature automatically writes for you.

Text Inflator

  • Expand Content turns one sentence or paragraph into two with rewrites.
  • Grammar Checker & Text Improver
  • Refine content for clarity, grammar, and tone.

AI Paragraph Generator

  • Add contextually relevant paragraphs to content for enhanced depth.
  • Rewording Generator
  • Rephrase content for clarity, conciseness, and unique presentation.

Sentence Shortener

  • Shorten content, retaining key points for concise, clear output.
  • AI Command Generator

Blog Outline Generator

  • Generate unique blog ideas and outlines for engaging content.
  • AI Blog Generator
  • Create engaging blog sections for improved readability and interest.

AI Meta Description Generator

  • Write meta descriptions for improved rankings and clicks.
  • SEO Meta Title Generator
  • Craft SEO-friendly meta titles for enhanced visibility and clicks.

AI Landing Page Generator

  • Generate persuasive copy for engaging landing pages and conversions.

Keyword Extractor

  • AI extracts keywords from text for SEO, content themes, and trends.
  • AI Keyword Generator
  • Leverage AI for high-performing keywords to boost SEO and web traffic. 


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