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CustomGPT: AI chatbots (from US$89 to US$499 per month)

CustomGPT: AI chatbots (from US$89 to US$499 per month)


CustomGPT: AI chatbot



Business function(s)

All business functions sharing information with employees, suppliers or customers

Focus area(s)

GPT-4 powered chatbots

Description offers a platform for creating personalized GPT-4 powered chatbots using your business content. It focuses on delivering accurate, trusted responses without generating fabricated information. The service emphasizes security, privacy, and ease of integration, supporting over 1400 document formats and 92 languages. caters to various business needs, including customer service, engagement, and document research, through a no-code, business-grade solution. It offers different pricing plans to suit various scales of operation, from standard to enterprise levels.


  • Website Integration

Quickly ingest ALL your business content with our seamless website integration – Easy setup guaranteed! The content does not even have to be yours. Just build a sitemap to point us in the right direction!

  • Upload Documents in 1400 formats

Upload your documents in 1400 formats including PDF, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and more. You can even add Youtube videos and podcasts.

  • Support for 92 languages

Serve customers globally with 92 languages supported. Customers can ask questions in their native language, even if your content is in another language.

  • No Code Cloud Infrastructure

Your CustomGPT always offers the latest AI technology. We take care of the indexing, databases, APIs, relevancy and everything else under the hood.

  • Fast Responses

Fast responses for customer delight & engagement. Using ChatGPT-4 streaming, customers get instant responses based on your business content.

  • Ethical Protections

You get all the ethical protections in-built into OpenAI APIs. Plus, the answers are bounded by your content. Every response is generated based on your unique content.

  • Embed on Website & LiveChat

Embed your CustomGPT bot easily in your Website or Livechat, with customized look & feel for your brand.

  • Public or Private Access

By default, your chatbot is private. Use it for private document research or proprietary company use cases.  Or make it public and share it with customers to increase engagement.

  • API Access

API for CustomGPT enables you to integrate it with your business applications. Just imagine being able to create a ChatGPT chatbot via API and then use it in your applications.


Various integration options via API


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