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Murf: AI text-to-speech (from US$23 to US$79 per month)

Murf: AI text-to-speech (from US$23 to US$79 per month)


Murf: AI text-to-speech



Business function(s)

Any business function that requires text-to-speech capabilities, can include:

  • Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing

Focus area(s)

Text-to-speech software platform

Description is a versatile text-to-speech software platform that offers a variety of AI-powered voice generation services. It provides realistic voiceovers in over 120 voices across 20+ languages, voice cloning for creating near-perfect voice replicas, AI dubbing to reach a global audience, translation services, and a comprehensive API for integrating Murf's capabilities into websites or apps. Additionally, it caters to a wide range of use cases including e-learning, explainer videos, documentaries, YouTube content, corporate videos, advertisements, audiobooks, podcasts, video games, training videos, and presentations


  • Explore AI voices for any requirement

Murf’s advanced AI algorithms catch the right tone and pick up on every punctuation and exclamation mark from the human voice fed it.

  • Voice over video

Using Murf’s AI technology, you can add a well-timed AI voiceover to your videos and make them more engaging.

  • Voice Editing

Murf also simplifies the process of editing recorded voiceovers. Simply feed your recorded speech onto the Murf Studio and it automatically transcribes the content into an editable text format that you can edit and modify.

  • Voice Cloning using custom voices

With Murf, you can also create an AI voice clone that delivers life-like diction and the full spectrum of human emotion. 

  • Voice Changer

Murf also supports an AI voice changer feature which offers one access to upload a raw home recording and convert that into a professional quality voice over with the voice of your choice.

  • The only AI Text to Speech software you need

With its cutting-edge technology and realistic AI voices, Murf is the perfect solution for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their audio content.

  • eLearning and Explainer Videos

When it comes to eLearning, Murf can be used to quickly convert text-based educational content into a more convenient audio format that can be shared with students worldwide and in different languages.

  • Advertisement and Product Demo

By utilizing the 120+ voice options, Murf helps businesses identify the right brand voice that helps create connections and trust with the audience.

  • Audiobooks and Podcasts

For authors, Murf simplifies the process of turning their scripts into engaging audio experiences.

  • Spotify Ads

With the growing popularity of audio advertising on platforms like Spotify, Murf offers a powerful solution for creating impactful Spotify ads campaigns.

  • YouTube Videos and Presentations

Murf is an excellent asset for content creators on YouTube as well as professionals delivering presentations.

  • IVR

For businesses seeking to optimize their customer service experience, Murf serves as an ideal solution for IVR voice systems.

  • An all-in-one voice generator

Murf goes beyond serving as a realistic voice generator to offer a complete voice solution that enables users to not only adjust the pitch, punctuation, emphasis, and other elements to make the AI generated voice sound as compelling as possible but also add media like your video, audio, and image files with your generated voice.


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