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Frase: AI SEO and content platform (from US$15 to US$115 per month)

Frase: AI SEO and content platform (from US$15 to US$115 per month)


Frase: AI SEO and content platform


Business function

  • Marketing
  • Sales

Focus area(s)

SEO and content platform

Description is a platform aimed at enhancing SEO and content creation through AI. It streamlines the process from keyword research to producing SEO-optimized articles, allowing for faster and more efficient content development. The tool offers features for analyzing search queries, generating research-driven content, and creating content outlines. It also provides a unified workflow for researching, outlining, writing, and optimizing content in one place, making SERP research simpler and content creation more coherent and aligned with SEO strategies.


Build a content engine that works

  • Develop a repeatable content creation process that you can manage at scale.
  • Unified content creation. Research, write and optimize content in the same AI-powered workstation.
  • Templates & SOPs. Re-use templates to create content briefs, save custom AI prompts, and build repeatable workflows.


  • Optimize content inside Google Docs and WordPress.


  • Organize your documents in folders according to your topical maps, clients, or project.
  • Team Collaboration. Assign documents to different writers.

Project Management

  • Track progress for each of your documents.


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