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Botsonic: AI chatbot (From US$40 to US$800 per month)

Botsonic: AI chatbot (From US$40 to US$800 per month)


Botsonic: AI chatbot



Business function(s)

  • Customer service
  • ecommerce
  • Sales

Focus area(s)

ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot


Botsonic by Writesonic is a custom ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot solution designed for website integration, leveraging generative AI models like GPT-4 for secure, precise customer interactions. It offers the ability to resolve up to 80% of support queries instantly, reducing ticket volume and support costs. Botsonic enables creation of brand-specific chatbots, supports omnichannel conversations across various platforms, and can draw from diverse content sources for comprehensive responses. It emphasizes security, with built-in safeguards to ensure privacy and data integrity. The platform is trusted by thousands of teams worldwide, showcasing its capability to transform customer support, enhance eCommerce experiences, and supercharge lead generation.


Unleash the Potential of Botsonic Across a Spectrum of Industries and Applications such as customer support, ecommerce, lead generation and many more.

  • Seamless Omnichannel Conversations

Botsonic ensures uninterrupted conversations across platforms including Embeddable Widgets, WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, and more.

  • Instant Answers from Diverse Sources

Botsonic ingests content seamlessly from various sources including Files, Zendesk Help Center, and any public URL for comprehensive responses.

  • Trustworthy, Secure and Focused

With built-in safeguards, Botsonic strictly uses your support content to answer questions, eliminating off-topic conversations and misleading responses.


Integration via API


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