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Notion: AI workspace platform (US$8 to US$15 per month)

Notion: AI workspace platform (US$8 to US$15 per month)


Notion: AI workspace platform



Business function

Can be applied in any business function in start-ups to corporations:

  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Project Management Office
  • Technology
  • Operations

Focus area(s)

Team and project workspace platform


Notion is a comprehensive workspace platform that combines note-taking, document management, wikis, and project management into a single, integrated toolkit. It's designed to facilitate collaboration and information centralization, allowing individuals and teams to create, plan, and organize work effectively. Notion supports various content types, including text, tasks, databases, and images, with customizable templates for a wide range of uses. The platform is versatile, catering to personal, small business, and enterprise needs, and it's accessible across multiple devices.


  • Customizable templates for notes and docs
  • Comprehensive project and task management system,
  • Databases for organizing and storing information
  • Wikis for team knowledge sharing
  • Tools for setting goals and roadmaps
  • Integration capabilities to streamline workflows across different platforms and devices
  • iOS & Android
  • Mac & Windows


Various integration options

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