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ShortlyAI: AI writing assistant (from US$65 to US$79 per month)

ShortlyAI: AI writing assistant (from US$65 to US$79 per month)


ShortlyAI: AI writing assistant



Business function

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Focus area(s)

AI writing assistant


ShortlyAI is an AI writing assistant aimed at eliminating writer's block and enhancing the writing process. It serves as a tool for users seeking to streamline their writing tasks, offering features that support content creation across various formats and styles. With its user-friendly interface, ShortlyAI aims to facilitate seamless writing experiences, making it a valuable resource for writers, marketers, and anyone needing assistance in producing written content efficiently.


Turn your thoughts into fully-fleshed prose

Whether you are writing your next best-selling novel, or a blog post for your website, our state-of-the-art AI will help you turn your thoughts into well-written paragraphs.

Turn to it when you need a creative brainstorming partner, or when you want to expand and develop a thought.

All in a clean, blank, distraction-free interface.

Powerful commands

Refine your writing with /commands. Use commands to rewrite, shorten, and expand your sentences instantly. Commands help you create your perfect sentences.


Refer to ShortlyAI website for more information.

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