Company profile: Uizard

Company profile: Uizard

What is your company name?


Where is the head office located?


What are the names of the CEO/Founder(s)

  • Tony Beltramelli
  • Henrik Haugbølle
  • Ioannis Sintos
  • Florian van Schreven

What is the primary focus of the company?

Uizard empowers users to design faster, easier and more collaboratively than ever before. With groundbreaking, world-leading AI-powered features, Uizard is revolutionizing UX/UI design to liberate users from complicated design tools and streamline the way digital products are created.

What are some key features of your solutions?

Uizard is a rapid, AI-powered UI design tool used for designing wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes for apps, websites and digital products. AI features allow users to convert screenshots into clickable UI mock-ups, convert hand-drawn sketches into wireframes, generate copy for prototypes, and import UI themes from a URL or image. 

Uizard also has a host of pre-made UI design templates and components that you can drag, drop, tweak, and adapt for your project in a matter of seconds. Built to empower its users like never before, Uizard is the perfect tool for collaboration and iteration. Here are the core applications of the magical Uizard app:

  • UX design tool
  • UI design tool
  • Rapid prototyping tool
  • Easy wireframing tool
  • Tool to make mockups easily
  • AI-powered design tool
  • Smart collaboration tool

Who are your customers?     

A wide audience from UI/UX designers to development teams.

In what markets do you sell your solution?

We sell worldwide.

Who can interested buyers contact?

Emilia Jankowska-Zimolag

Partnerships Manager

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