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Free Listing as a Tech Seller on CleverPlato (Limited Promo)

Free Listing as a Tech Seller on CleverPlato (Limited Promo)

Your free listing offer expires 30 June 2024

We are inviting 100 companies to list their AI and Tech products for free on CleverPlato.

CleverPlato is designed as a platform to help you sell your AI and technology business solutions to targeted business buyers. By using CleverPlato, you can showcase your innovative solutions, connect with potential buyers, and drive sales growth. 

What is a product listing?

We provide you with your own product page displaying the content requested in the form below. The page will link to your website to help you drive sales. 

Why your company?

You must be lucky as your company was chosen out of 4000 AI and Tech providers.

What does a listing normally cost?

US$275 per year for a listing. There is no cost to you as a selected free listing company. 

What tech categories are included?

Current tech categories are listed below. If you don't see your category, request that we add the category to our marketplace. 

  • AI
  • Software
  • Devices
  • Equipment
  • IoT
  • Infrastructure
  • Robotics
  • VR/AR
  • Don’t see your category? Ask us to add this

How does the free product listing works?

Listing process

  1. Complete form below and submit information
  2. Our team reviews listing information
  3. Your listing is published and promoted on the marketplace

Other information

  1. We ask a copy of your company registration to prove your business is legitimate. No listing without this is allowed as this protect ourselves, you and our customers. 
  2. Your product listing can be de-list at any time. Email: 


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