Seller Solutions

As business owners, we understand the challenges start-ups, small and medium size businesses face when launching a solution and driving sales.

CleverPlato was created as a platform to help you achieve your goals.

    • 1. Market differentiation

      Standing out from competitors in a crowded software market requires a clear and compelling value proposition. Many companies struggle to effectively communicate what makes their product unique.

      For product and brand visibility, you need to:

      • Create brand recognition
      • Create visibility of solutions
      • Share product features and capabilities
      • Share use-cases for solutions
      • Share successes and major clients
    • 2. Lead generation

      Generating high-quality leads consistently can be difficult. Identifying the right channels and methods to attract potential customers is critical but often elusive.

      To get access to the right markets and business buyers, you need to:

      • Identify the right markets and customers
      • Generate awareness with potential customers
      • Get face time with customers
      • Engage customers on solutions
      • Close deals
      • On sell solutions
    • 3. Customer acquisition costs

      Reducing the cost of acquiring new customers is a significant challenge. Balancing spending on marketing campaigns and sales efforts with the revenue generated from new customers is complex.

      With limited marketing and sales resources, you need to:

      • Define a comprehensive marketing strategy
      • Define and setup marketing and sales channels
      • Develop marketing and engagement content
      • Manage ROI of marketing and sales channels
      • Test effectiveness of channels
    • 4. Visibility and trust

      New and lesser-known companies often face skepticism from potential customers. Building a reputation for reliability, security, and quality is crucial.

      To establish credibility and trust in your brand and products, you need to:

      • Showcase capabilities of your solutions
      • Create context for your solution's application
      • Share though leadership to support solutions
      • Build a credible company profile
      • Share your leaders profiles and their expertise

    We offer your business the following support:

    1. Targeted Audience: Gain exposure to a growing audience of business executives, currently more than 15,000 across North America.
    2. Social Media Promotion: Benefit from our daily social media posts promoting AI-driven business solutions.
    3. Expert Content: We publish daily articles about AI applications in business in CleverPlato Magazine, increasing your product’s relevance.
    4. Exclusive Newsletters: Weekly dispatches to over 10,000 business decision-makers, spotlighting AI products in business.
    5. Dedicated Product Listing Page: Showcase your product with detailed descriptions, images, and videos to capture attention.
    6. Direct Website Link: Drive potential customers directly to your website for inquiries and purchases, increasing your site's traffic and potential conversions.
    7. SEO Optimization: We enhance your product's visibility on CleverPlato with tailored SEO strategies focusing on your product name, categories, and targeted keywords.
    8. Advanced Product Search: Ensure your product is easily discoverable on our marketplace through precise categorization and keyword matching.
    9. Free Company Profile: Enhance your brand and product awareness with a free company profile in our CleverPlato Magazine.
    10. Free Founders or Executives Profile: Enhance your brand and product awareness with free profiles of your leaders in our CleverPlato Magazine.
    11. Free Publication of Thought Leadership: Publish thought leadership content about solutions or industry to drive brand awareness in CleverPlato Magazine.
    12. Paid Promotions of Solutions on the Marketplace: Promote your solution on the front page of CleverPlato Marketplace to gain brand and product visibility with paid promotions.
    13. Paid Promotions in Newsletters: Promote your solution in our weekly newsletter sent to over 10 000 decision makers across industries.
    14. Paid Advertisements in CleverPlato Magazine: Promote your solution or brand in CleverPlato Magazine with daily articles shared with decision-makers through social media, newsletter and PR.

    What solutions can be listed on CleverPlato Marketplace?

    Any business solution that adds value to organizations,
    including software, services, devices, equipment, infrastructure and others.

    STEP 1:

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